Organic Food Supplements

Organic food supplements can help you create and/or support a nutritional intervention program to help support improved digestion, detoxification, neurological connectivity, immune system function, and ATP energy cycle.

For over 20 years, thousands of parents have found that addressing underlying biomedical issues helps reduce or eliminate symptoms of autism for their children. We have carefully selected what we consider to be the highest quality supplements for individuals within the autism spectrum. Most of these supplements have been used extensively within the autism community and many parents have observed improvements in their children's behaviour or cognitive abilities while their children are using these supplements.

Organic food supplements recommended by doctors are Fiber & Natural-B, Omega-3,Vitamin-C, Multivitamins, Iron-Folic, Ginseng, Cal-Mag-D etc.. These Organic Supplements are available in our center @ discounted price.
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Mr. Srinivasan Kohtari
Learning center for Autism not only helped my child overcome obstacles never thought possible, they showed us that anything is possible.

Mrs. Anchal Thakur
Thank you for all you do for Manav. His great progress and his love of Learning Center for Autism is testimony to your talent and dedication.

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