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LEARNING CENTER FOR AUTISM is an organization to meet the tremendous need for comprehensive services for children with autism, intensive instruction using innovative teaching techniques.

LEARNING CENTER FOR AUTISM emphasizes a positive and systematic approach to teaching skills and reducing problematic behaviours. We take a creative and flexible approach, capitalizing on the resources available for each child. While there are certain teaching techniques that we have consistently found more effective, we also recognize that each person providing therapy has their own individual style and unique contribution to make to the therapy process. Read More

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Autism and Treatment
Autism is a pervasive developmental disability that is usually diagnosed in the first three years of life. This neurological disorder disrupts typical development and impairs social and communication skills. Persons with autism often have difficulty read more
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100% of all contributions made to Learning center for Autism are invested in programs and services that directly impact the students who seek our help. Donations of all types are appreciated.Find out other ways you can help, too!
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Learning center for Autism

not only helped my child overcome obstacles never thought possible, they showed us that anything is possible.

<Mr. Srinivasan Kohtari>

Thank you for all you do for Manav. His great progress and his love of Learning Center

for Autism is testimony to your talent and dedication.

<Mrs. Anchal Thakur>

Developing, providing creative & innovative educational services for individual and their families affected by Autism.